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Vanguards of Ylisse by Tmmeh
Vanguards of Ylisse
>Visit my page, Tommeh, on FB. I'm more active over there and my name's not missing an "o". XDD

Chrom and Lucina - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Father-daughter shot yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I was really looking forward to this and I was happy that we were able to work together to get to this.

The picture was taken by BahamutNight in Montreal.
Chrom cosplay and Falchion were both made by myself.
Lucina cosplay and Falchion made by eriotiku 
Chrom (Fire Emblem) Prince Of Ylisse by Tmmeh
Chrom (Fire Emblem) Prince Of Ylisse
>Visit my page, Tommeh, on FB. I'm more active over there and my name's not missing an "o". XDD

Chrom - Fire Emblem: Awakening

The picture was taken by BahamutNight in Montreal.
Chrom cosplay and Falchion were both made by myself.

I was really looking forward to shooting Chrom again! Last time I did so was at G-Anime but the location was kinda iffy.
I also had the shoot with my onee-san eriotiku whom with I had Falchion making workshops. The Falchion pictured is actually
the one I made for a friend as a comission because mine is still being reworked on.


Tommeh Chu
Artist | Student | Varied

My name is Tmmeh/Tommeh/Tommy/formely Innovedo, so call me by whatever name you like.

I'm a Canadian cosplayer based in Montreal, QC
Currently a second year Visual Arts student at Dawson College.
Whatever I'm cosplaying is pretty much a reflection on the fandoms I'm into.

Also, feel free to watch if you like my stuff or visit my cosplay page here;
So it's been months since my last journal, or even upload around here since I've hadn't really had the chance to look up stuff on DA. :'D
Lately, I've been up to the usual (school, daily life) so nothing's going on for that part.

As for that which concerns cosplay, I've stated in my previous note that for Anime North that I cosplayed P4MC(Fri), Izanagi(Sat) and P3MC(Sun)
but I decided to scrap Izanagi to cosplay Roy from Fire Emblem: Awakening's DLC chapter instead.
AN was great though, I liked it more then Katsucon in terms of fun-level.
So yeah, last week was Otakuthon where I cosplayed Izanagi (Persona 4) on Friday and Saturday even if it was really complicated to get around and tiring to wear because of the feet-heels I made, orz.
I did get to have a shoot with :iconkarumen-chan: with Tomestruong and a solo one with my good pal' :iconbahamutnight:.
When I wasn't cosplaying Izanagi, I was enjoying myself with my girlfriend as Narukami Yuu/P4MC (as she was cosplaying Rise Kujikawa) or Koyomi Araragi so we an say that
I took it easy during the weekend in terms of cosplay and we stayed together most of the time to avoid being caught up in potential drama.
The con' itself was the same as always but I feel that I didn't enjoy myself as much as I did last year and it went a lot faster then last year. :I
So no, there won't be any "EMERGHED OTAKUTHERN SOO GOOD" from me this year, at least I'm honest about that. XDD

As for future conventions and whatnot, I might probably attend Montreal Comic-Con and possibly work as a stage-ninja for the Masquerade with my friends, I still need confirmation though.
Otherwise, I'm planning to cosplay Roy again on Sunday if I do work there on the Saturday and maybe have a shoot somewhere in the old Montreal while I'm at it.
The furthest I can think of in terms of convention-future would be G-Anime 2014, which I'm pretty sure to attend since I host a few activities there.
As for future cosplay plans, I still have my mind set to cosplay Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening for early 2014, Ishida Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara at some point later in the year and maybe one or two Jojo's Bizarre Adventure cosplays down the road, otherwise there's nothing that particularly interest me nowadays.

So also, I wanted to announce that I opened a cosplay page a few weeks ago!
You can now follow (by liking) me on Facebook at (Tommeh)
There's not as much stuff in there as on my DA for now, but I should be updating it more and more frequently, as I get used to it.

Anyhow, that's about it! :'D

(P.S. Heroes of Cosplay is a horrible show)
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